Summer International Music Camps

34th edition  26.07.21 - 08.08.21

The Teachers

Our international team of experienced teachers work harmoniously to offer the highest level of tuition in complementary disciplines of music, plastic art and threatre. Individual teacher's credentials are available upon request.

  • Amichai Shiryon

    Guitar, bass, ukulele, improv. for guitarists and bass players

  • Chen Levy

    Voice (Jazz, Pop-Rock), jazz improv. for singers

  • Daniel Talmor

    Piano, improv. for pianists

  • Daniele Sabatani

    Batteria; Percussioni; Impro per percussionisti

  • Dario Tazzioli

    Sculpting and plastic art

  • Enrico Guerzoni

    Jazz Cello; Ensembles

  • Irene Robbins

    Voice (jazz, scat, soul, R&B), piano self-accompaniment for singers

  • Irina Panfilova

    Voice (Pop-Rock); Piano; Keyboards

  • Lilach Krakauer

    Choir and voice ensembles

  • Maayan Blevis

    Voice (Jazz, Pop-Rock), song-writing for singers

  • Masha Salimi

    Voice (Pop, Cross over, Musical Theatre)

  • Nir Armon

    Sax, improv. for sax players

  • Or Rochman

    Trombone, trumpet, improv. for trombonists and trumpetists

  • Regev Ashkenazi

    Drum, jazz percussions, improv. for drummers

  • Saffo Fontana


  • Sigal Chameides

    Voice (Musical Theatre, Pop, Jazz), Artistic Director

  • Simone Valla

    Sax, improv. for sax players

Even during the COVID-19 pandemic