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Summer International Music Camps

34th edition  26.07.21 - 08.08.21

The activities

Individual classes

Every student will have each day an individual lesson on their instrument. The lesson will be set day by day directly with the teacher based on the student personal schedule. During the day the student is expected to practice for the next day's lesson. The youngest students will be helped in managing their own schedule and stick to it.

Jam sessions

During the first week of camp, every day after dinner, the whole students and teachers body meets up to jam together. Helped by the teachers, the students will have the chance to practice their improvisation skills and have fun together. During the second week of camp, this time will be used to rehearse the final concerts instead.

Improvisation workshops

Each day at 5:00 pm all the students are invited to the group improvisation workshops that will be held by the teachers divided by instruments. The students will have the chance to learn how to improvise and practice together on their own instrument. The workshop will be organized so that students of all ages and musical level will be able to take active part in them.


Led by a professional choir conductor and educator, the students will engage in choir singing, working on jazz and pop classics re-arranged for choral formation. The activity is mandatory for singers and optional for the rest of the students' body.


A different number of masterclasses will be held for the students by the camp's teacher and external hosts invited for the occasion. The masterclasses will deal with a vast range of topics: writing of original material, self-accompaingnment for singers, self-promotion for song-writers, band management, how to deal with stage fright, and others.

Music-therapy (for the youngest)

The youngest students (5-10 y/o) will have dedicated group classes of music therapy, where they will learn how to comunicate and interact through music, and how sound can express feeling, thoughts and emotions.

Plastic art (for the youngest)

The youngest students (5-10 y/o) will engage in sculping and painting, led by a local internationally-reknowned artist.

Electronic music workshop

In this group workshop, the students will have the chance to engage in electronic music writing and performance, learning the basic skills and tools of Cubase software and loop stations.

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