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The Camp

Our couse of music, art and theatre was founded over 35 years ago.

We believe that even the most motivated children engaged in the study of a musical instrument during the school year, cannot completely commit themselves in full, be it due to challenging schedules, or a difficulty of focus on a single activity among the many stimuli received.

We offer a unique opportunity, for two uninterrupted weeks, to allow our children to immerse in music among similarly motivated youths, and pursue their own individual challenges under the tutelage of an international team of experienced teachers and performes.

Art and theatre workshops complement individual, group and choral music lessons for those seeking additional creative avenues.

We look forward to seeing and hearing you soon!



                                                                                                                                          Uri Chameides
                                                                                                                                           Artistic Director


How it all began

In 1987 M° Uri Chameides created a model music camps that since then welcome every year dozens of students from all over the world. This model was then taken and imitated in all North of Italy, but the original format and content are renewed every year in the enchanted resort of Piandelagotti, at the Albergo Alpino Hotel, in the heart of the Appennini mountains between Tuscany and Emilia-Romagna.


Due to a natural evolution pushed by the participants requests, Piandelagotti music camp offers two types of courses, that differ in target and content, happening into two different periods of the summer. The first course happens generally between the end of June and the end of July, while the second one in the second half of August.


Each course has his start in the students that take part to it. Therefore, the didactive idea has birth in the individual, and put in the center the work of the student with his teacher,

During the years Piandelagotti hosted students and teachers from England, Irland, France, Sweden, Denamarc, Finland, Lituan, Germany, Austria, Serbia, Israel, USA, Korea, Japan and Swizerland.

The camps hosted professional teachers from different backgrounds and coltures, like William Butt, Fulvio Luciani, Vali Blotner, Yair Kless, Eyal Kless, Claudio Pavolini, Zoran Milenkovic, Dominika Falger, Maurizio Carnelli, Ester Abramson, Anat Nevo, Marco Pisoni, Lucy Hall, Svetlana Simmanovsky, Federico Allegro, Alice Cappelletti, Michal Rosenberger, Michela Blasi, Valentina Medici, Vicky Schaetzinger, Roberto Bassi,  Jakob Reuven, Daniele Boni, Marco Giani, Avishai Chameides, Daniele Parziani, Dominic Dudley, Angela Feola, Eliana Lovenberg.

Among the students that participated to our camps, there are those who are today professional worldwide known musicians, such as Mauro Rossi, Stefan Milencovic, Gad Lev, Gai Perry, Netanel Dreiblatt, Franziska Schotensack, Michael Pavia, Giacomo Orlandi, Zoe Curren, Roisin Walters .

The Venue

Palagano is a small picturesque village in the Province of Modena, located in the heart of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines (700m) between Florence, Parma and Bologna. The course is based at the Parco Hotel (see details below) and makes use of many local facilities, including the school, the football and volleyball fields, the local theatre and the church.

Hotel Parco, Via Aravecchia 27,
41046 Palagano, Modena
Tel: 335 5948124; 338 7413623; 333 4566462


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