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Summer International Music Camps

34th edition  26.07.21 - 08.08.21

Typical Day Schedule

Younger participants (6-8 years old) will be accompanied by dedicated staff that will assist with timetables, enrich their leisure and stay nearby during sleeping hours.


Would you like to see how it looks like? Visit our Facebook Page for the full Gallery


We recommend including concert stage clothing as well as warm clothing for the evenings and walking shoes.


Upon arrival, all are invited to a guided tour of the surroundings. 

Parental visits are welcomed at any time during the course and phone calls are welcomed at mealtimes.

However, to avoid distruption of the activities timetable, and to prevent uncontrollable absences, children should not be separated from their groups up to departure. Please avoid phone calls during activities hours.

On request, accommodations for visitors in B&B or Hotels in Piandelagotti or nearby (maximum 12KM) will be reserved.



We invite parents to inquire during the course about the precise timing of their child performances. All participants will perform.

We would like to inform the parents of the under-18 participants, that the concerts and activities of the course will be filmed and recorded. We therefore kindly ask you to sign this release that will allow us to use the multimedia material that will be recorded during the course. You may send us the signed release via email or bring a printed copy to hand to us upon arrival to the course.



Should you have questions about the material and its use, please feel free to contact us.

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