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Summer International Music Camps

34th edition  26.07.21 - 08.08.21

Amichai Shiryon

Guitar, bass, ukulele, improv. for guitarists and bass players

Amichai started his music career in a young age when he fell in love with the Beatles and soon enough was playing in many youth bands so he knows exactly what starting players are looking for when they want to start jamming around, improvising and writing songs.
In the Jerusalem Music Academy he studied Jazz while still maintaining a rock band and other projects.
Now days Amichai teaches Music in Israel and is managing and playing in different bands and projects in many styles: Rock, Pop, Folk, Jazz, Irish Music and more.
Want to know how to play along with the songs you love? You really want to improvise but think it's too hard? You're in good hands!
In the lessons Amichai always aspires to help the students shine while helping them where they struggle.
"I don't want you to play like me, but to play like yourself" is something that you'd likely hear - so if you want to try and find your own voice with your instrument, Amichai will help you do that.

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