Summer International Music Camps

34th edition  12.07.21 - 25.07.21

The activities

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Individual Lessons

Every participant will have one individual lesson a day on his own instrument. The lessons will be set directely with the teacher from day to day and the student will have the opportunity to take responsability in managing his own individual study time.
The youngest will be helped by tutors in managing indivudiaul study time.


Every evening, after dinner, all the students will be gathering in the main hall of the school for an orchestra rehearsal. Everyone will be joining the orchestra and will be helped by the teachers to prepare the orchestra pieces, that will be performed during the concerts at the end of the course.
This activity will give the participants the opportunity to develop their first sight playing and their ensamble coordination.
Part of the orchestra repertoire will also accompaign the theatre show. Those who join the theatre activities will be able, during the final concert, to take part both in the theatre perfomance and the orchestra playing.



Every day all the students will engage in an hour of choir activity. This activity is mandatory for all the course participants, as we believe that choir singing is an essential part of music experience and music personal growth.
The participants will have the opportunity to develop their ear-training and singing performance, and, if they want to, also challenge themselves with solo parts. The repertoire will include both classical and mordern music.


The participants that will choose to engage in this activity will be led into the staging of a theatrical show by a specialized director. The show will be staged in collaboration with the orchestral works that participants are going to prepare during the course.

Chamber Music Ensambles

Every participant will prepare a number of chamber music pieces. The pieces will be choosed at the beginning of the course with the help of the individual teacher, and the ensambles will be teamed up based on preparation level, age and of course personal taste for the pieces of the individual students.
During the first week each student will work with the personal teacher on his own part, while the second week will be dedicated to the work with the whole ensamble, always accompagnied by the teachers.
This foundamental activity will challenge the participants both in music technic, listening skills, coordination and team work.

Plastic Art Activity

Those who will take part in this activity will be led by a professional teacher in the creation of various plastic art pieces, Every year a different theme will be proposed, generally related to a specific extraeuropen culture, and the students will learn about the story and the art of that culture and will try to reproduce pieces of art using the same style and models.
An exposition of all the art pieces will be staged by the students themselves at the end of the course.

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